People Workout Course – Mastering Self and Others, Emotions, and Psychology of Friends, Family, and Clients

The “People Workout” course is a transformative program designed to help you master the art of managing yourself and others, understanding emotions, and delving into the psychology of friends, family, and clients.


Course Description

In today’s interconnected world, the ability to navigate human relationships with finesse is a valuable skill that can have a profound impact on both personal and professional life. This course equips you with the knowledge and tools to become memorable and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

The “People Workout” course is your pathway to acquiring the essential skills needed to navigate the complexities of human relationships and make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those around you. Embark on this journey towards becoming a memorable and influential presence in both your personal and professional spheres!

The primary objectives include:

  • Understand the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and self-awareness.
  • Develop effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Explore the psychology of human behavior, motivations, and decision-making.
  • Learn strategies for building strong and lasting relationships with friends, family, and clients.
  • Discover how to leave a lasting positive impact on the lives of others.

Course Chapters

Chapter 1: Mastering Self and Emotional Intelligence
  • Objective: Gain insights into self-awareness, emotional regulation, and the foundations of emotional intelligence.
Chapter 2: Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Objective: Develop the ability to communicate clearly, empathetically, and persuasively with others.
Chapter 3: Understanding Human Behavior and Psychology
  • Objective: Explore the intricacies of human behavior, motivations, and the psychology behind decision-making.
Chapter 4: Building Strong Relationships
  • Objective: Learn strategies for building and maintaining meaningful and lasting relationships with friends, family, and clients.
Chapter 5: Making a Lasting Positive Impact
  • Objective: Discover how to leave a memorable and positive mark on the lives of others through your actions and interactions.

Course Structure:

  • Video Lessons: Each chapter will feature engaging video lessons that cover key concepts and provide practical examples.
  • Educational Resources: Written materials, case studies, and practical exercises will be provided to deepen your understanding and skills.
  • Interactive Activities: Practical exercises and role-playing scenarios will help you apply what you’ve learned in real-life situations.
  • Discussion Forums: Engage in meaningful discussions, share experiences, and exchange insights with fellow learners in the online forum.
  • Certification: Upon course completion, you will receive a certificate recognizing your proficiency in understanding and mastering self and others, emotions, and psychology.

This course includes:

240 minutes duration

Full lifetime access

10 lessons

Certificate of completion


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Course Reviews

I met Emanuele years ago and had no doubts about the quality of the work done together. When I heard the radio spot of his book I could not resist the desire to read it in advance and once again I was not disappointed! I can always count on the speed and reliability of Lenus Media. The team, always courteous and punctual, always know how to meet my needs and it is a pleasure to work with them!

Maso Rosary

Director Aquariuscom

Emanuele has a new idea every 15 minutes and it's really nice to spend time in his company. I'm probably biased but he helped me a lot to read the Digital Workout and apply it within my Hotel Management project. The results were immediate and tangible, just as indicated in the book. Compliments!

Luisa Antonelli

Creator of Hotel Management

Emanuele and the Lenus Media team are really fantastic, always available and attentive to requests. The work done together has always been very careful and quick. I recommend the book to all digital entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Anita Likmeta

Digital Entrepreneur

Emanuele is a volcano of ideas and putting them in the Digital Workout book is certainly a winning move. The collaboration with Emanuele ranges from the creation and management of our "digital assets", as they are defined in the book, to collaborations in the formation of our eastwest Academy. I highly recommend reading both for young entrepreneurs passionate about communication and for more structured groups who need to "take back control of their company"

Giuseppe Scognamiglio

CEO eastwest European Consulting Srl

The Digital Workout book is really well written and full of practical cases (including my company!) I'm really proud to work with Emanuele because he always has a solution ready for any type of request related to digitization and work optimization. Compliments!

Michele La Marca

Owner Pegasus srl

He has to hear from Emanuele from time to time as I love his incredible optimism and good humour. His approach to life and business is truly engaging. I'm happy to work together and I think Digital Workout should be taught in business schools!

Marco Guarracino

Founder Profit Paradise

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